Hospital equipment management is a critical aspect of hospital operations, as it involves the careful control and tracking of hospital equipment. Such equipment can include diagnostic or therapeutic devices, surgical tools, patient monitors, and narcotics storage systems, just to name a few.

A medical equipment management plan is a plan that outlines how a healthcare facility will acquire, use, maintain, and dispose of medical equipment and the plan should take into account the needs of the facility, the budget, and federal and state regulations. The first step in creating a medical equipment management plan is to inventory the types of equipment currently in use and assess their condition. Next, the facility should determine what types of equipment are needed to provide care. and once the needs have been identified, the facility can develop a budget and begin to research suppliers and once the equipment has been acquired, the facility must develop policies and procedures for its use, maintenance, and storage. Finally, the facility must establish a system for disposing of outdated or damaged equipment. By following these steps, a healthcare facility can ensure that it has the right type of equipment to provide quality care.

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