Focus Areas

We are always learning and researching new ways of solving problems


HL7 | Mirth Connect | FHIR | Infor Cloverleaf Integration | Health Information Exchange (HIE) Integration | Master Data Management

Web & Mobile Applications

Medical Device Apps | Patient Monitoring Apps | Appointment Management Apps| Rapid Learning Systems | Android App Customization | IOS App Customization

Cloud Applications & APIs

Healthcare IT Customization | Wellness SAAS Applications | HIPAA Compliant Software| API Development and Integration with third party software systems

Health Information Exchange

HIE Admin | HIE Interoperability | HIE HL7 Bridge | HIE Analytics | HIE Managed Service Operations

Legacy to Modern Apps

Application Rearchitecture | Application Cloud Migration | Legacy Software Migration | Legacy Application Audit

AI & Machine Learning

Chatbot | AI Analytics & Trend predictions | AI ML Search | AI Suggestions

What we Offer

We offer a unique blend of technology, healthcare, legal, social, and research expertise to craft user–centric digital solutions. We take design thinking and agile approaches to develop solutions. We do not build technological marvels but solutions that serve the purpose and exceeds the user‘s expectations.

Legal compliance, security, code quality, reusability, scalability, and interoperability are cornerstones of our technology solutions— backed by our integrity and persistent focus on making this world better through ethical application of technology and science.