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20 years + experience of delivering healthcare apps​

Digital Health software developed by us has been used by 2 million-plus users​

Federal Government, State Governments, Large Corporations and Startups have trusted us for their digital health product requirements

Our founders have published more than 200 research papers in health informatics. Ongoing research keeps us always updated.​

Expertise in various healthcare standards like Hl7 & FHIR, IEC 60234, HIPAA, HITECH, ICD-10, CPT, DICOM​

Member of HL7 Development Body​

Frequently Asked Questions


Telehealth is a term used to describe the delivery of health care and public health services via telecommunications technologies. Telemedicine is a subcategory of telehealth that refers specifically to patients’ remote diagnosis and treatment. While both telehealth and telemedicine use telecommunications technologies, telemedicine typically involves patients’ actual diagnosis and treatment. In contrast, telehealth encompasses various services, including patient education and support, provider training, and public health initiatives.

There has been a growing trend toward telehealth and telemedicine applications in recent years, as they offer several advantages over traditional face-to-face care. For example, telemedicine apps can allow patients to receive care from providers in other parts of the country (or even the world), which can be particularly helpful for those with rare or complex conditions. Additionally, telemedicine apps can provide greater access to care for underserved populations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs for patients and providers.

There is often confusion regarding the terms telehealth and telemedicine. While they are similar, there are some crucial distinctions. For example, telehealth generally refers to any remote healthcare, while telemedicine specifically refers to remote medical care provided by a licensed physician.

Both telehealth and telemedicine apps provide patients with convenient access to medical care, but only telemedicine apps can be used to diagnose and treat conditions. As a result, telemedicine apps are typically more comprehensive and may be a better option for patients who need more than just general health information.

Building a telehealth app can seem like a daunting task, but it can be a relatively straightforward process with the correct planning and execution and you can take a few different approaches, but the most common is to either build a custom telehealth platform or use one of the many available telehealth platforms.

If you decide to build a custom platform, you need to keep a few key things in mind like you need to make sure that the platform is HIPAA compliant which means ensuring that all patient data is securely stored, and that patient privacy is always protected. Another thing for you is to make sure that the platform is easy for both patients and providers and you need to make sure that the platform is scalable so that it can grow as your practice grows.

There are several existing telehealth platforms that you can use, and which one you choose will depend on your specific needs. Some platforms are more comprehensive than others, offering appointment scheduling, video conferencing, and electronic health records integration. Others are more basic, offering just the core functionality needed for providing care remotely. Ultimately, the best platform for your practice will be the one that best meets your needs.

The cost of building a custom telehealth app will depend on several factors, including the features and functionality you require, the platform you choose, and the development team you work with. Custom telemedicine software solutions can range from $50,000 to $500,000+, while off-the-shelf telehealth platforms typically start at around $5,000/month so when choosing a platform, it’s vital to ensure HIPAA compliance and offer the features and functionality you need. Once you have selected a platform, you will need to work with a development team to build and launch your app. The cost of doing so will vary depending on the scope of work involved. It is best to work with an experienced development team that specializes in telehealth app development. Doing so will ensure that your app is built to your specific requirements and that it meets all applicable regulations.

Telehealth software can be used for various purposes, from providing mental health services to monitoring vital signs. Telehealth software can be used for everything from patient intake and assessment to therapy and counseling in the mental health arena. In the case of physical health, telehealth software can be used for remote patient monitoring, allowing care providers to track vital signs and other indicators remotely. It can also be used for appointment scheduling and reminders and to provide educational materials to patients. Ultimately, telehealth software offers a versatile platform that can be customized to meet the needs of any healthcare organization.

Telehealth software is a type of HIPAA telehealth platform that helps to facilitate provider-patient interactions through video conferencing, phone calls, and other means. Telehealth software can be used for both real-time and asynchronous care, and providers can use it in various settings. Primary care providers often use telemedicine software to offer patients convenient access to care, and specialists can also use it to provide remote consults. In addition, telehealth software can provide continuing education for providers or staff. As telehealth becomes more commonplace, this software will likely become increasingly important.

Telehealth software is defined as a platform used to provide remote healthcare services. This type of software allows for two-way communication between a healthcare provider and a patient, making it possible to offer services such as consultations, diagnoses, and treatments remotely. Telehealth software must meet specific standards to be HIPAA compliant, ensuring that patient privacy is protected. Many telehealth platforms on the market, each offering different features and benefits. When choosing a telehealth solution, it is essential to select one that best meets the needs of both healthcare providers and patients.

Telehealth apps use telecommunications technology to provide remote healthcare delivery which includes technologies such as telephone, email, text messaging, video conferencing, and mobile applications. telecommunications technology preserves the data for a longer duration of time and can be traced back which helps in keeping medical records with ease and can be accessed anytime-anywhere.


Our Impact

We have partnered with Federal and State agencies, academia, tech startups, and well-known organizations – positively impacting over a billion lives

Reduced time to serve persons with disabilities​

Reduced time to serve persons with disabilities​

Software used by 18 states to enhance revenues and reduced time to pay to members of Ticket to Work program.

CRT Medical System: Automation of Data Exchange Process Using HL7 and Mirth Connect

CRT Medical System: Automation of Data Exchange Process…

With the implementation of Mirth Connect based customized HL7 interfaces, the tedious manual works of message submission

Improved provider productivity

Improved provider productivity

Mobile device infrastructure rolled out across large outpatient healthcare system to improve provider productivity

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Telemedicine Solutions

Wi4 is a leading Telemedicine Software Solutions Provider in Atalnta having experienced telemedicine solution developers. We provide dedicated hipaa approved telehealth platforms and telemedicine services to our customers which leads to great experience.

We have worked on Android, iOS and WIndows platform and have delivered dozens of applications and softwares on various platforms to our customers. We are one of the top telemedicine solution providing agencies in the United States.