Focus Areas

We are always learning and researching new ways of solving problems

Research Design & Implementation

Research Design | Data Collection | Analysis Visualization | Health Registries

Data Collection & Analysis

Survey Design | Survey Research | Data Collection | Analysis

Patient Research & Strategy

Scope Development | Usability Analysis |Patient FlowAnalysis and Improvements | journey Maps

Research Data Management

Data Capture Systems | FDA 21 CFR 11 Compliant Studies | Respondent Incentive Design and Implementation

Health Registeries Analysis

Analytics Systems on top of Health Registry Data | Integrating Health Communication and Health Education Components | Change Recommendation based on Health Registry Analytics

Data Visualization

Dataware House Development | Analytics | Dashboard Development |BI Portal Development | Medical Device Data Visualization

Medical Data Analysis

Wi4 is a leading medical data analysis software development company in Atlanta having experienced hospital business intelligence software developers. We provide dedicated healthcare analytics software development services to our customers which leads to a great experience.

We have worked on Android, iOS and Windows platform and have delivered dozens of applications on various platforms to our customers. We are one of the top healthcare analytics and medical analysis software development agencies in the United States.

Healthcare Data Analysis Software

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