Singh, Akanksha; Schooley, Benjamin; Heiney, Sue; and Donevant, Sara, “Design of the STORY+ App: Including Cultural Sensitivity for Patient Engagement and Adherence” (2020). AMCIS 2020 Proceedings 26


Medication adherence is a major problem in oncology, specifically regarding hormonal therapies for breast cancer (BrCa) in African American (AA) women


This paper presents principles of cultural sensitivity we found useful in the design and evaluation of a medication adherence and intervention application for this context that may have an important impact on acceptance and use and lead to positive clinical outcomes.


We used an iterative action-design methodology to develop a mHealth application prototype with 20 AA BrCA survivors and 10 healthcare providers.


We found culturability, usability, engagement, and personalization to be key guiding concepts. Culturally sensitive design of mHealth apps may enhance estrogen positive hormonal therapy intervention outcomes by increasing technology mediated patient engagement and patient motivation for hormonal therapy adherence.