Focus Areas

We are always learning and researching new ways of solving problems

Roadmap Development

As is Analysis | Gap Identification | Need Analysis | Capacity Planning | Technology Stack Identification | Three to Five Year roadmap and budget development

RFI/RFP Development

Requirement Analysis | Design Thinking based requirements | Budget Head development | RFI and RFP Development

Vendor Selection

Vendor Selection Rubrics Development | Vendor Interviews and Selection

Program Implementation

Team Training and Development | Identification and hiring of team members | Execution and Management of the Program

Program Assessment & Monitoring

Current Program Assessment | Roadmap Development | Monitoring of the program

What we Offer

We can handle all your processes, starting from the needs assessment to implementing the data and tools you need to create robust programs.

Our program managers come from a diverse background of technology, research, and social/ health expertise. We have implemented multi–million dollar programs impacting millions of end–users. Our passion for making a difference through technology, research, and science makes these programs successful.