In October, the government of Japan enabled the further use of the state ID to access health insurance.

This kent-based center now will be a place for co-creating and demonstrating the new technology-led concepts. It will now help to drive 5G healthcare and will be open for the providers of technology and healthcare.

The system integrator Nextware has developed the My Number Card Reader. It will offer online authentication for a Japanese resident’s taxation ID number and 12-digit social security number called My NumberIt further reads that the photo and the information of the user stored on the IC chip in that ID card can work to verify the cardholder. Also, it will use face recognition technology even if the user is wearing a mask.
It uses the SAFR’s algorithm for better speed precision and highly low bias with connection to age, gender, skin tone, etc.
This card reader scheme is highly efficient for the proposed purpose. As SAFR says, it can significantly reduce any of the resources and costs associated with the better administration of healthcare informationIt can also increase the ultimate convenience and access for all the residents and citizens.
With the use of My Number cards, Japan is walking towards a better health future. The use of such cards to access the government healthcare facility started in October. This is a part of the digital transformation that the government of Japan is initiating. It will further help in streamlining and expanding the services for public access.
The government of Japan is now intending to widen their uptake of the My Number Cards. The citizens will not need to use various cards to tap into the services of the government.
The medical institutions and pharmacies are accepting cards for their health insurance accounts, about 8% of all facilities across nationThis card reader system is rolling out across the hospitals, pharmacies, clinics over the next two to three years.