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Building a health tech product is hard. It requires commitment and dedication. But, in my experience, there is something infinitely more difficult. That’s creating an exceptional health tech product.

A task like this will require you to spend hours agonizing over every aspect of the product. But the sacrifice will pay dividends over the long term. By the time you’re done, your health tech product will stand out from the competition.

I know the journey to building a health tech MVP is daunting. But, break it down into a series of steps, and the task becomes much easier to achieve.

Focus On Your User’s Goals

The needs of your users should always be front and center in your mind.  I believe it’s best to start with a deep dive into your target market. Focus on learning what they want from a healthcare product.

Surveys and interviews can be a good way of getting these insights. But nothing can match the knowledge gained from first-hand experience. This could mean shadowing doctors to learn about how they use existing technologies.

Learn About The Competition

By this stage, you should have a keen understanding of the problems that your users are facing. You may be the first health tech company to try and address these issues.  This is a golden opportunity to innovate.

But situations like this are rare. Most of the time, you’ll need to battle the competition. This makes things a little trickier. But beating other health tech brands is not an impossible feat.

The key is to recognize the issues users have currently. This will let you find the situations that the current tech products aren’t addressing. Focusing your efforts on current pain points will let you build something that blows your competition’s tech away.

Start Doing Research

Research Image for Healthtech MVP

The healthcare industry comes with plenty of red tape. Know what laws will affect you, so you can build compliance into your health tech offering.

Don’t just learn the rules that apply to you. Learn about what conditions affect your users. For example, it’s a good idea to read up on hospital policies and the way different departments operate.

I know this part can be a little boring. But it’s better to know the rules early, rather than getting hit with a fine for breaking compliance.

Build Your First Draft

Now comes the fun part. It’s finally time to start bringing your vision to life. This can be broken down into two areas.

First, you have to worry about the technical side. Coders and developers will work on the back end, making sure that the tech works properly.

You also need to focus on the user interface. Since this is what people will see when interacting with your product it’s crucial to get this part right. Make sure that the interface is easy to navigate. Color schemes and icons can help create a visually striking product.

I know how much effort it takes to build the first version of your health tech product. At the end of this stage, give yourself a well-earned pat on the back. But this isn’t the end of your journey.

Test And Improve

Once you have a working prototype available, it’s time to give it to some real users. Let them put it through its paces.

There are a few things you should be looking for during this period. First, check its functionality. I know this sounds obvious, but you need to check that your product actually works. Don’t worry if you find a few faults. That’s normal. Working out the kinks is what this stage is for.

The next thing to consider is the user experience. Ask whether customers like your interface. Drill down on whether it solves their problems.

The answers to these questions should be a resounding yes. If there’s not, you have a problem. Your interface will need a few tweaks.

Launch And Continue To Innovate

You’re finally nearing the end of the road. It’s time to launch your product and start reaping the rewards of your hard work.

Of course, even once the product is launched your work isn’t over. Building a health tech MVP is hard. But remaining the industry leader is even harder.

Stay attentive to the needs of your users. Over time, they might start to wish for new features. Update the interface occasionally to keep it feeling fresh. Look for innovative ways to use new technologies, to make your product even better.


Don’t expect an easy ride. The health tech industry is known for being highly competitive. But I can assure you that as long as you put in the hard work and follow the correct steps, you can build a health tech MVP.

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