The South Korean government is now working on testing its platform for the research of biotech and data sharing.

This kent-based center now will be a place for co-creating and demonstrating the new technology-led concepts. It will now help to drive 5G healthcare and will be open for the providers of technology and healthcare.

As per a report, the ministry of health has disclosed in Malaysia that some technical errors took placeThe errors have relations to the information for vaccine manufacturing on covid vaccination certificates on the platform Sejahtera.
Problems like data overlap between the vaccine with Global Trade International Number and the listings on vaccine Management System has caused this mismatch in the information.
The report has further noted that in Malaysia, a registered pharmaceutical product came with only one registration number based on product brand and site of manufacturingCovid vaccines received from the facility of global COVAX use the same number even though there are different manufacturers.
Malaysia had received the vaccines from Sweden and South Korea. The Ministry of Science in South Korea started the testing for the platform of biotechnology research data sharing.
The government first came up with this plan to create the K-BDS in July of last year. This is a set of data dams that collects, filters, and further manages the information. The test operation is collecting and further sorting out data with 51 standard formats. Researchers can upload data that will be available for the use of the public in2022. Center to manage the quality of the data will be set up in the next year. Latest the K-BDS will come up with data analytics.
India-based HealthPlix has seen a 42% year-on-year increase. It had adopted an AI-powered EMR solution in three quarters. There is also a 70% jump in its patience. More than 600000 patient profiles have inclusions.
The company attributes the surge for the adoption of this software to embrace digitalization. From east to west, a larger doctor community is making d ta-backed decisions with the help of this too. More than 16 medical specialties and the 50% of unique patients on board are making this platform more impressive and prospective.
HealthPlix is now claiming to serve around 15 million partners. It is now also assisting 6000 active physicians in this country with its EMR platform.