AMA wants Congress to work on averting the physician payment cuts, which will amount to 9.75% for 2022.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services came up with the announcement. Also, the other actions or the 2022 Physician Fee Schedule final rule released already.
In line along with legislation that got enacted last year, CMS is also eliminating the geographic barriersIt also allows patients to access services for telehealth for the evolution of diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders. Certain mental and behavioral health-related services through telephone calls are getting covered. His service includes counseling and therapy for the treatment of substances. It uses services and disorders offered through opioid treatment programs.
After expanding, the telehealth coverage gets support from the providers and others who respond to the final rule. The update to the rate of clinical labor for 2022 has received harsh feedback from AMA. With its budget neutrality adjustment to account for the changes in RVU. The temporary 2021 payment increase offered by Consolidated Appropriations Act, the 2022 physician fee schedule conversion factor is standing at $33.59.
The AMA wants Congress to further intervene to stop the cuts for physician payment. The American Medical Association will thoroughly analyze the 24000+ page rule. It will serve as a reminder of the financial peril that physician practices are facing at the end of the year. The final rule includes the reduction in 2022 Medicare conversion factor at 3.85%.
The AMA is also strongly advocating for Congress to further avert this and the other looming cuts. It will produce a 9.75% cut for the upcoming year. It is coming at a time when the physician practices are recovering from the impact of COVID-19.
The final rule includes activities like promotion of the growth in the Medicare Diabetes prevention program. It is working on the enhancement of the service for medical nutrition therapy. The final rule also includes some space for the expansion of pulmonary rehabilitation coverageThe advancement of the quality Payment Program and the MIPS Vales Pathway also falls under this category. The final rule action must ensure accurate payment using clinical labor updates. There must be the increase in access to the services for physician assistance.

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