Focus Areas

We are always learning and researching new ways of solving problems

Extract Transform & Load (ETL)

Data Quality | Master Data Management (MDM) | Data Transformation and Integration

Application Integration

Application and Application Integration | HIPAA Compliance based Integration | Interoperability using HL7 and FHIR | API Development

Data Warehouse

DWH Strategy, Vision and Roadmap development | Datawarehouse Implementation | Datawarehouse Integration and Monitoring

Big Data Analytics

AI & Machine Learning

Data Visualization

What we Offer

Our research–backed data program gives you insights and predictions to serve your customers better. Our data scientists are grounded in healthcare, wellness, and social sectors and understand how data insights can impact individuals, families and society.

We provide a full cycle of data programs ranging from ETL, to application integration, data warehousing, and big data + predictive analytics.

Our data scientists work with subject matter experts to develop the best qualitative, quantitative, and analytical approaches for complex research endeavors.