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5 Signs You Need to Hire a Healthcare IT Consulting Company ASAP

Consulting firms are a godsend for healthcare companies and firms alike. Whether you’re stuck on a project and need new ideas or maybe you just need an outside perspective on things, a healthcare IT consulting company would without a doubt be able to assist you. Keep reading and we’ll take you through the top 5 signs you should look out for when deciding if hiring a healthcare IT company is the next best step for your company moving forward

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7 Ways to Increase Medical Practice Revenue in 2022

The health industry is never in want of patients, but the industry is so competitive that it becomes necessary for managers and administrators like you to find ways to somehow increase revenue made in their practice. It’s okay. There are many ways to increase medical practice revenue that you can apply to your practice and in this article, we’ll look at seven of them that won’t cost you expensive upgrades. These are 7 ways to increase revenue that shouldn’t require extra money.

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Home Health Care Technologies to Take Your Telemedicine Business to the Next Level

Level In recent years, the healthcare sector has undergone a quiet revolution, with many providers turning to telemedicine solutions to streamline and improve patient care. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the use of technology to provide remote healthcare through smart-device apps, with clinicians’ time being freed up to provide more dedicated face-to-face treatment and patients not having to make regular visits to medical sites for check-ups.

With the benefits of home health care technology now well known, this article looks at how you can use them to take your telemedicine business to the next level.

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Impacted maternal infant early childhood health in South Carolina

Thousands of families received better care follow-up and consultancy by statewide Nurse home visitation program.

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Ensured efficiency in replacement surgeries!

Saved millions of dollars for a leading surgical tray manufacturing organization by researching and designing a patent-pending surgical tray tracking system

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