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How to Increase Outpatient Revenue

Technology and health are always changing. Professionals are always looking for ways to improve, and to ensure that their systems are the best they possibly can be. Often, for healthcare professionals, the question remains: how can we increase our outpatient revenue?

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The Future of Telemedicine: Top Trends and Ways You Can Still Be Early

The telemedicine industry is widely growing, and quickly. As technology advances and we move into the future, different networks are able to use centralised models where it’s possible to gather information from many areas at the same time, and feed this information into a central facility.
There are different trends which are advancing at an amazing pace within the industry, ripe for investment for a fruitful future in the world of medicine. Here we explain how to stay ahead of the curve.

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8 Top Remote Monitoring Software Products

Remote patient monitoring software products are becoming increasingly widely used by medical professionals to allow doctors and clinicians to monitor patients with long-term and chronic conditions away from a traditional clinical environment and offer patients the chance to self-triage from the comfort of their own home

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