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Home health care technology uses digital communication to access health care services remotely and allow patients to manage their health and treatment at home.

There are several ways in which this technology is currently used, from monitoring the health of people with chronic conditions and allowing for early intervention to allowing patients to manage appointments and prescription requests and access their medical records without the need for time-consuming visits to the surgery.

As technology develops at a breakneck pace, many will become commonplace within the telemedicine industry.

Internet of Things (loT)
The Internet of Things (loT) is a network of interconnected systems and devices that collects and shares data to allow for development and learning.

In the telemedicine arena, the loT enables real-time data to provide the patient with higher-quality levels of remote healthcare. Using wearable devices and other home health care devices to check blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, and heart rate, patients can transmit results for analysis by medical professionals.

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