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Therapy Software Ideas for Asperger’s Patients

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Asperger’s patients benefit from working with behavior therapists to help with managing their symptoms. They are helped with their communication skills, and learning new skills in life. As technological advances increase, there are different software ideas that can assist in improving patients’ ways of life. So, what are some therapy software ideas for Asperger’s patients?

There are custom solutions and existing tools when it comes to software for Asperger’s patients. There are different apps and programs that can assist with anyone on the spectrum for Autism. These programs can help with developmental needs, and can even be customizable for specific needs.

Continue reading to find specific apps and software programs, along with benefits of these programs. You will learn of the benefits of different programs to help with different Asperger’s and Autism patients.

Apps to Download for Asperger’s Patients

There are a variety of apps that can be downloaded with the click of a button to help with any developmental needs. There are a variety of free and paid apps, all with their own significant benefits. Here are a list of apps that have been highly suggested for a variety of reasons:

  • Aut2Speak
  • Autism iHelp
  • CommBoards
  • Leeloo
  • Speech Blubs 2
  • Proloquo2Go

These apps are based on language learning and text-to-speech devices. This will help patients learn different sounds, along with helping with emotional expressions.

Some of these apps teach vocabulary and are developed by speech-language pathologists. Some have a mobile keyboard for those patients that are nonverbal. Others are used for communication with different caregivers.

Each app has its own beneficial function. They will help those with Asperger’s and Autism communicate with the people around them, and will help them develop in different ways. No child or patient is the same, and having a variety of apps ensures that everyone can receive different help to develop even further in their lives.

Apps are easy to download and can be accessed from a variety of locations. If someone needs assistance with communication, they can practice in a multitude of settings as they improve on their speaking skills.

Apps can also be used for different games as a reward. If a patient has been improving and trying hard every day, games can be given to them from certain apps. They will know that the behavior they have been showing is positive, and they will more than likely continue it in the future.

Software Ideas for Asperger’s

There are more than just apps out there to help patients. Different neurologists, psychologists, and therapists have created software, such as the Jade Autism Software. This software “offers gamified therapeutic solutions for children and adolescents with cognitive disabilities/deficits” (JADE).

This platform gives patients a set of exercises and activities that help with any difficulties that they may endure. Some of these include auditory and visual attention skills. The platform can help with problem solving and decision making skills.

JADE can also assist different professionals and caregivers with techniques to help patients. There are different reports and data that are given to show progress and to show what needs to be done to further the skills of the patient.

Analyses are given to show:

  • Improvements or declines in performance
  • Patient impulsiveness, motivation, and resilience
  • Motor movement
  • Progress monitoring

The software is easy to understand and navigate through. Children can easily access this software and work through it on their own. There are different themes within the software to appeal to a variety of people, such as food, animals, colors, and shapes. This will let children learn while also having fun!

The software is also available in four languages: English, Arabic, Portuguese, and Spanish.

A subscription is required, which will give you access to a free app. Patients will also have a web platform to monitor progress. Progress monitoring is so important to see growth and what still needs to be worked on.

Benefits of Therapy Software for Asperger’s

Having a touch screen has been proven to help children with autism. Often, a pencil or writing utensil can be challenging to those with poor motor coordination. With a touch screen, they can enhance their communication skills, and build up their confidence.

These types of software developments for therapy can help with developing skills such as decision making, communication, social interaction, and finding motivation to learn. Building social skills can help patients become more understanding in social interactions. If they are able to communicate better, their confidence may increase as well. With better confidence, they will become more motivated to push forward with their learning.

Technology is one of the most imperative pieces of a child’s life. Many children, no matter what their developmental skills are, love technology. Having software for therapy for kids can be beneficial because it is something they actually want. With technology and different apps, they can play games and almost feel as if they aren’t learning.

One of the biggest benefits is also the fact that communication can be so much easier. About forty percent of people with autism are non-verbal. Having a way for these people to communicate is extremely beneficial because now they have a way to talk with the people around them that they care about. It can be extremely frustrating for those that are non-verbal because they want to communicate. By having an easy way to do this at the tip of their fingertips, they will feel much more confidence and happiness within their lives.


Therapy software for Asperger’s patients include different apps and software devices. By having this at the click of a button, Autism development can improve significantly. Patients can feel more comfortable with those around them, being able to communicate easier and build their skills up.

Non-verbal patients will have an easier time communicating as well. These apps and different software can be life changing for patients and families all around the world. Everyone deserves a chance to communicate with others, and they deserve to improve and feel comfortable throughout their entire lives. It’s as easy as downloading an app. They’re user friendly and provide so much extra knowledge for patients and families.

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