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Digital Patient Engagement The Top Software Platforms and Solutions for 2022

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The global digital health market is trending and growing rapidly alongside innovation in digital technology. With over 6 billion people using smartphones globally it only makes sense, for business and patient care, to incorporate digital software platforms and solutions to patient engagement for patient and doctor support.

Digital patient engagement software platforms are delivering solutions to the improvement of patient care and doctor interaction. Patient engagement platforms provide real-time and up-to-date software to effectively manage and treat patients remotely.

Choosing the right patient engagement software platforms to gain access to better patient care is something many practices are striving for. Facilitating better communication between doctors and patients with a patient e-health portal is also allowing patients to better care for themselves throughout treatment. Keep reading below to learn who the top software platform providers are in 2022.

What is Digital Patient Engagement?

Digital patient engagement is a way for doctors and healthcare workers to provide care to their patients without having to see them physically.


Patients gain access to digital engagement and patient care through their handheld smart device so that care is made convenient and easy by allowing patients access to personal care through a device they already use regularly.


Telehealth and e-health are two other words frequently used to describe digital patient engagement software platforms.

Patient engagement through digital platforms is boosting both client and medical staff engagement in the medical industry to better understand and deal with customer service and client care. The improvement of client communication and engagement is invaluable to personal safety and wellbeing.

What to Consider When Choosing a Digital Health Solution

It’s important, first and foremost, to understand what a digital health platform represents and to set a goal for your clinic regarding what improvements need to be made.


There are multiple telehealth platforms available so choosing the right one for your clinic is important, as you’re already aware.


Consider the following to help you decide which platform is best for you:

What features does the software provide?

Are you looking to improve on patient scheduling, social engagement, doctor interaction, gain access to lab results, etc.?

Distinguish what you want to focus on specifically for your clinic by requesting patient and staff feedback on where improvements can be made. If you want all of the above features and more, you’re looking at a whole integrated streamline of current software programs.

Does the software integrate with your current platforms?

You will most likely already have software and platforms in place for all your medical needs, including an electronic health record (EHR) or an electronic medical record (EMR) platform. Streamlining this software already in use is going to be one of the hardest parts of choosing the digital platform for you.


You need to select a software that can easily integrate with your current setup or you’ll find yourself running into many obstacles along the way.

The Future of Digital Health Platforms

Patient care through digital engagement platforms is working to improve the convenience of care for both doctors and patients alike. Digital health platforms are simplifying patient care and interaction and this healthcare industry is increasingly growing by the day.

The growth rate of digital health platforms is expected to grow by up to 15% every year until at least 2028. The digital health platform market is currently valued at around US$96.5 billion.

Although it’s a growing platform and the healthcare sector is benefiting from digital programs and strategies, there’s still a lot of room for improvement. Therefore the future of digital health platforms looks bright for driven and competitive innovators, entrepreneurs, and health providers.

Here are some of the benefits that digital health platforms are providing for healthcare workers and patients:

  • Easier and faster access to care and treatment
  • The convenience of remote location
  • Expanding the reach of care
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Easier monitoring of patient care and treatment especially for chronic conditions
  • Tailored medical prescriptions and improved medication safety
  • Decreases the risk of medication errors
  • Efficiency for both the healthcare provider and the patient

Companies like Cerner Corporation are leading the way in digital healthcare platforms by providing the opportunity for medical professionals to deliver better care to their patients and consumers.

What are the Top Digital Patient Software Platforms?

While there are numerous software platforms available in the telehealth sector, it’s imperative to choose the right one for your practice.

Some platforms focus on patient care while others have a clear emphasis on online medical education or even client feedback surveys to raise awareness of where the practice needs to improve.

The top digital patient software platforms incorporate digital forms, patient surveys, a patient portal for personal care, the ability to track the patient journey and experience and provide insight to the medical clinic from which the patient seeks their care and treatment.

Here are the top contenders in 2022 for patient engagement software solutions and platforms:

Luma Health

Luma Health software platform in digital patient care is designed for

  • Specialty clinics
  • Community health reach
  • Primary patient care

They focus on patient engagement strategies with patient control over scheduling, automated text features, appointment matching, artificial intelligence (AI) reminders, and real-time EHR tactics.

Luma Health does not have a patient portal, but it does enable web-based care plan management and support options for Android and Apple users.


Having the ability to speak to patients that don’t speak the same language as you is customer service at its best. WELL offers multi-lingual opportunities to users through a secure messaging platform that also allows consumers access to a patient portal.

This means patients and doctors can keep track of the patient treatment and care experience together.

WELL is a software that easily integrates with some of the top medical EHR and EMR platforms used in medicine today.

WELL incorporates care plan management and appointment scheduling through the patient portal and is a web-based software solution available for a free and limited demo.

NextGen Healthcare

Using analytics to promote better health solutions and outcomes, NextGen Healthcare delivers patient care coordination and management services through online scheduling, outreach, secure communication systems, a patient portal, and more.

Virtual visits enhance the patient experience by delivering optimal engagement and communication between doctors and patients.

Available for Apple, Android, and Windows users through a web-based digitized platform, NextGen delivers an integrated patient/doctor platform through the use of your mobile phone to enhance the patient experience.


AthenaOne is known for providing valuable patient services in digital technology through automated reminders, appointment scheduling and billing, and follow-up treatment care plans. This software also provides secure video conferencing appointments between doctors and patients for remote healthcare solutions.

AthenaOne is a popular EHR platform and streamlines all digital technology in patient care and medical use in one platform. With its user-friendly design, doctors and healthcare providers can easily access patient information, prescriptions, and lab results while also incorporating a billing management system.

While AthenaOne doesn’t offer care plan management solutions, they have a patient portal and offer online-based appointment scheduling for convenience.

AthenaOne was named one of the best EHR software platforms in 2020 and although there is room for improvement is still used by over 160,000 providers today and is highly recommended.


Finding the best patient engagement software will be beneficial for startups and small businesses that are looking to improve and provide better patient support and experiences. The digital era is looming and with patients having constant access to their medical care you can deliver them the opportunity to improve their wellbeing and personal care routine remotely.

The aim is to enhance and improve overall health outcomes in patients while also creating better communication and engagement from medical staff.

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