Product Owner- Healthcare Analytics

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Job Description Responsibilities: The Product Owner- Healthcare Analytics at Wi4 will be responsible for the planning, development, maintenance, and growth of the products that will support the companies in the healthcare sector. The responsible person will take full responsibility for the products developed including the documentation, preparing the roadmap, developing the product during the entire […]

How to Address EHR Security and Privacy Issues

Electronic Health Records (EHR) software is becoming increasingly widely used to consolidate and store patients’ records within the healthcare arena. Some clinics have cited concerns over security and privacy breaches of patients’ confidential records as they have yet to invest in EHR software. However, records are more likely to be compromised at practices with no EHR.

The Future of Telemedicine: Top Trends and Ways You Can Still Be Early

The telemedicine industry is widely growing, and quickly. As technology advances and we move into the future, different networks are able to use centralised models where it’s possible to gather information from many areas at the same time, and feed this information into a central facility.
There are different trends which are advancing at an amazing pace within the industry, ripe for investment for a fruitful future in the world of medicine. Here we explain how to stay ahead of the curve.

Is HL7 Version 3 Operational? Top Questions Answered

HL7 (Health Level Seven) plays an extensive role in healthcare interoperability. It is a free set of international standards that outlines the format used to transfer healthcare data between disparate systems. Healthcare information that needs to be exchanged between systems is transmitted as one or more messages.

The future of Healthcare app using Metaverse

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Know why the metaverse is becoming and will become the future of healthcare apps. Watch this video for the detailed insights in the world of metaverse and healthcare app development