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Why We Do

We are passionate about leveraging technology to enhance the quality of life for humans. We believe in doing right things – for the right reasons – and for the right people

Who We Are

Wi4's founders have decades of experience in information technology, healthcare, and population sciences. We work on the intersection between information technology and health care to connect people around the world with digital solutions designed today-for tomorrow’s needs; empowering communities in their own wellness journey while transforming how we deliver care as well.

We use cutting-edge technologies like AI, VR, AR, embedded medical device software & ML so our clients can make informed decisions about population health, and clinical or operational areas without having any unnecessary burden on themselves by doing all this tedious work ourselves!

We are committed to disrupting the industry with technology solutions that empower communities while transforming how we deliver care for them today - tomorrow!

What We Do

Practical Research & Analytics | Program Management & Implementation | Software Solutions | Dealing with Data | Platform & Solutions | HL7 & Interoperability

Why We Do

Who We Are

Our 6-D process

Our Clients

Our founders have successfully delivered projects that were made possible by the generous grants received from:

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BIOMEDevice Boston

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BIOMEDevice Boston brings engineers, business leaders, disruptive companies, and innovative thinkers from the region’s top start-ups and medical device OEMs together to inspire the next life-changing medical device.


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Setting the standard on how the industry should connect and exchange ideas, the American Medical Device Summit provides insights and strategies to enhance the professional development of executives involved in the design, product development, innovation, technology, and quality/ regulatory aspects of medical devices.

Device Talks West


Join DeviceTalks West to better understand how medical device Manufacturers, suppliers, and innovators are finding success in a challenging economic market.